Freight services

Baron Emperor General Trading Company has the ability to accept cargo from seller warehouse (Ex-work) from the country of origin and forward the commodity by air or sea to UAE ports and then undertake the clearance and forwarding responsibilities.

In addition, we are able to accept free on Board (FOB) delivery from the seller in the port of country of origin and undertake freight to UAE and customs clearance.

 « Work with us without VAT payment. »
Work with us without VAT payment and a peace of mind.

Freight by Vessels

In any case that the owner of cargo would like to use vessels for their forwarding purposes, this company will clear the cargo as an import for Re-export and ROW to ROW which exempts the cargos owner from paying any Value Added Tax (VAT) and the ability to ask for a duty refund. After cargo clearance, we will deliver the cargo to the designated vessel and handover the shipment in return of a receipt from vessel captain.